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In 2007, with the overwhelming support of the newly revitalized and energetic group of remaining family owners, trustee and part owner Mark Kirsten formed the Sebia Duck Club. In addition to providing a great place for members to get together and share the hunting tradition, the membership fees help fund conservation projects each year on the ranch. The club also allows the Ranch to increase its role in providing waterfowl and shorebird habitat through sustainable and waterfowl-friendly agricultural practices during the migration season. The hunting club and our restoration efforts have allowed us to network with like-minded conservation groups and agri-businesses that we can collaborate with on conservation strategies and responsibilities. 


Sybil "Sebia" (Jefferys) Davis, born August 9, 1845 in Brecon Wales, immigrated into the United States at the age of 15 in 1860.  She was married to Howell Davis in 1864 at the age of 19.  They had five children who all lived in the Family house and helped manage the large farming operation. In addition to being a mother,  Sebia helped complete the Davis Family Ranch House in 1892 after Howell's death in 1888.  The Ranch House, which still stands and is emblematic of the rich family farming history in Colusa County.

Sebia was very instrumental in many other aspects of the founding of Davis Ranches. She helped secure water rights on the Sacramento River, making possible the ability to farm for many generations to come.  Sebia shaped the strong base for the Davis Legacy.  When the opportunity came along to decide on an appropriate name for the hunting club, we knew right away it had to be: Sebia.





Located in the heart of the Sacramento Valley Corridor and the larger Pacific Flyway, Sebia Duck Club is situated in an ideal spot. Bordered by the Colusa National Wildlife Refuge as well as two private natural marshes, this area is a major attraction for the annual migration of waterfowl down the Pacific Flyway. As a result of the rice farming operation and our practice of flooding the fields after the season for both natural decomposition as well as wildlife habitat, waterfowl have flocked to the property in huge numbers for many decades,

We value the solitude of the outdoor experience of our members, so all of our blinds are spaced over double the average distance apart. This offers our members much more room to spread out and many times you will feel as though you have the property to yourself.


Indoor ATV parking onsite (included), RV/trailer parking with electrical (included), upland fields for pheasant hunting, wash rack for atv’s, duck plucking area, gravel parking lot for vehicles, foreman security on site 24/7.


11 total blinds, rotation club (9 member groups)

Annual Membership: Please Email for current club

membership availabilities.

Contact: Mark Kirsten - Manager

Email: sebiaduckclub@gmail.com

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