Davis Ranches



Painted By - LK James

"Farming for the 22nd Century" has been our mantra and our guiding principle for Davis Ranches.  Today, more so than ever, farming sustainably and responsibly is more than just a cliche or catch-phrase, it's a way of life.  It reflects a conscious decision to pass on a legacy of farming to our children that can be continued for many centuries to come.

Colusa County produces a significant variety of crops: rice, tomatoes, sunflower, corn, beans, walnuts, pistachios and wheat to name a few. These crops are sold both domestically and internationally. In fact, much of our Nation relies heavily on California crops as a main source of the U.S. food supply. These crops form the backbone of a robust agricultural economy in the state and also account for thousands of jobs and a way of life for many Northern Californians. By implementing practices that save water, reduce waste, utilize natural fertilizers and cover crops as well as provide and protect natural habitats for our abundant wildlife, we can insure that farming will remain a way of life on our ranch for many years to come.

It is with the following principles in mind that we strive to continually improve the ranches every day:  No shortcuts, leave the land better than you found it and pass on something that you can be proud of...